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Blue Wine

103 Osborne Brandy

Price: £23.95

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103 Osborne Brandy

103 Brandy AwardsThis Spanish brandy from Jerez is made out of wine eau-de-vie produced in the Osborne Distillery. The Spirit is aged using the traditional criadera and solera system in American oak barrels previously used to store fino sherries.

The brandy is a smooth light brandy often drunk as an accompaniment to coffee at any time of the day!

Tastsing Notes

The subtle dryness and fresh fruit flavors of Osborne 103 Brandy, make it superb in long drinks and cocktails
Crafting & Ageing:
After 6 months aging through the unique and traditional Solera system, the eaux-de-vie is enriched with aromas and flavours, resulting in a lively, harmony and versatile Brandy.
103 is an extremely versatile Brandy, ideal to add to coffee as a "carajillo", neat or on the rocks to accompany your favourite dessert.
Alcohol Content:

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