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Rum Botanicals Box Set
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Rum Botanicals Box Set

Rum Botanicals Box Set

Price: £60.00

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Rum Botanicals Box Set

The sophisticated Cocktail is a much loved drink in Spain where there is also a passion for creating the perfect Rum based drinks. Adding key botanicals to transform the flavour is a typical 'event' in any Spanish bar. In this set you will find vanilla pods, jamaican coffee, cinnamon, jamaican pepper, orange peel,  ginger cut and nutmeg. All these are chosen amongst the best botanicals available, to achieve the aroma and taste of a good Rum based drink. have produced this beautiful botanicals box set which comprises a measure cup (known as a 'jigger'), braided spoon, and the following seven spices:

  • Vanilla PodsNet weight: 5g 0.18oz  Take a piece to get an intense sweet flavor.
  • Jamaican CoffeeNet weight:10g Volume: 0.35oz    Add some beans to your drink to achieve an aroma & subtle taste of roasted coffee. 
  • Jamaican Pepper  - Net weight: 50g  Volume: 1.76oz     It features an aroma that is reminiscent of clove, cinnamon and nutmeg. Squeeze a couple of peppercorns in your hand in order to release all its flavour.
  • Quilling Cinnamon - Net weight: 20g  Volume: 0.71oz   Wrap your gin and tonic in a sweet, pleasant as well as delicate and intense taste.
  • Orange Peel - Net weight: 12g   Volume: 0.42oz   Perfect if you want to add a subtle citrus taste and a colorful look to your favourite cocktails.
  • ​Sliced Ginger Root - Net weight: 60g  Volume: 2.12oz    It has an intense flavour, fresh and somewhat pungent. It is an aromatic botanical from an exotic origin and has aphrodisiac properties. Use in small quantities!
  • Nutmeg - Net weight: 27g   Volume: 0.95oz
    Grate a small amount to obtain a slightly sweet-smelling scent. It is widely used in combination with other more intense spices like pepper.

Just add a small amount of the selected spices to your Rum to create delicious spice-infused cocktails.  The box set is beautifully presented and comes with a drinks recipe guide and instructions on how to get the best results from your set of invigorating spices.

 Origin: Alicante





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