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Alvarez Gomez Bath Salts

Price: £10.50

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Alvarez Gomez Bath Salts

Alvarez Gomez Concentrada Relaxing Bath Salts help you enjoy a relaxing and invigorating bath. Experience the softening and soothing properties of minerals with the benefits of natural essences.

* Softening and soothing properties  

* A relaxing and invigorating experience  

* Classic scent of Agua de Colonia

These bath salts evoke the fresh Mediterranean fragrances of Lemon, Thyme, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Geranium & Rosemary - gently infused with the scent of Agua de Colonia.

We suggest adding about 50-75gm of these salts to warm bath water.  

Recommended for the whole family. pH neutral.   300gm bottle.

We have the widest range of Alvarez Gomez in the UK.

Origin: Madrid

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