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Blue Wine

21 Tube Gourmet Spice Rack

Price: £75.00 £35.00

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21 Tube Gourmet Spice Rack

A gourmet selection of 21 different salts, spices and botanicals in a stainless steel display rack.

This is a stunning modern version of the traditional spice rack which can be used for both cooking and making cocktails. Add a new dimension to your kitchen and discover a range of exciting flavours and a variety of wonderful aromas from different corners of the world! This is the perfect gift for the gourmand or the modern kitchen and will look fantastic on any work surface. The rack also includes an information leaflet with descriptions of each of the spices/salts/botanicals and with a suggestion on how best to use them.

This stainless steel, chrome finish spice rack display contains 21 glass tubes; the rack is packaged in a cardboard and acetate box and contains the following:

Persian Blue Salt (17g) / Sea Salt Flakes (17g) / Lemon Salt Flakes (15g) / Black Salt Flakes (17g) / Sea Salt Flakes with Saffron (17g) / Sea Salt Flakes with Boletus (17g) / Sea Salt Flakes with Truffle (17g) / Hawaiian Red Sea Salt (35g) / Himilayan Pink Salt (35g) / Vanilla Pods (5g) / Argentinean Chilli (12g) / Juniper Berries (10g) / Brasilian Coffee (10g) / Harissa (18g) / Cardomom (10g) / 5 Pepper Mix (10g) / Orange Blossom (3g) / Smoked Paprika (15g) / Jamaican Allspice (10g) / Pink Pepper (10g) / Green Pepper (10g)

Rack size: Height 21cm Width 16cm Depth 8cm

Origin: Murcia region

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